Lea T Exposed!

    The androgynous look has always been quite a feature in the Fashion industry.

    Boys who look like girls; girls who look like boys  But the latest modelling star to come out of Brazil is not like the others.

    It's Lea T.

    Yes, she's had her fair share of high-profile fashion campaigns including Givenchy, Vanity Fair and she's also lately posed nude in French Vogue with one hand cupped over her crotch.  But the startlingly beautiful 28 year old brunette with chiselled cheekbones and svelte figure, was actually born (and still is) a man.

    “One night Tisci encouraged me to wear pumps to a party,” she recalled in French Vogue. “We went shopping for ‘drag queen’ shoes and we bleached my eyebrows. It was a revelation.”

    Leandro Cerezo, the son of soccer star Toninho Cerezo is planning to have a full sex change this year.

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