Fright Club

    Most of you know that our family is a pretty damn silly.  They don't call me A Daft Scots Lass for nothing.

    We're always playing jokes on each other and inventing silly games to tickle our funny bones.

    Our new game at home, at the moment, is to catch another family member unawares and give them the biggest fright.  The aim is for the fright to be big enough to cause them to literally jump, or scream or generally freak the fuck out. 

    I know its silly, but we get such a kick out of it and it causes everyone to convulse into giggling fits and try to "get the other one back".  You have to stay on your toes in our house...

    What exactly is it that we find so damn funny, I hear you ask?  

    Did you know (here's  Discovery Chanell lesson, folks - listen up!)  that when your body gets a fright your heart rate increases rapidly, your pupils instantly dilate, you immediately start sweating and produce adrenaline.  This is your body's way of getting ready to fight off any potential threats.

    Why would you want to cause your family members to wear the goggle-eyed look of fear and nearly pee their knickers?  Cause its hysterical - that's why.   Well, at least we think so.  The look on their face is priceless and comical.  Sometimes you'd wish you had a camera at that precise moment.

    Isn't it weird how different people react when they get a fright?  Some people scream, some gasp, some run, some drop on the spot but becareful of those aggressives that throw punches when they get startled.  Be sure you're ready to duck or run!

    I'm the Queen of Fright at the moment so I hold The Crown.  The girls are trying their best to get vengence and settle the score and remove me of my crown.  *evil chuckle* .  So, I went and googled it (as everyone does) and I came up with these ideas.

    Is that Pickles?

    Is your family just as silly as we are?  What do you do you guys do amuse each other?
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