Useless Inventions - Bum Juicer

    I Fucking LOVE this shit!!!  

    Yeah, its usually the Japs that invent  useless crap these must-have inventions.  You better rush out and patent these wee gems just incase someone else steals yer whack-a-doodle idea!

    It rocks my fucking face off every time... 

    Gives another meaning to Anal...The Butt Juicer.  Do you have to be nekkid to use it?  I think I'll pass on the ass juice thanx!

    All the Better to See You With, my Dear


    Rain Collector.  But with that upside-down brolly he's still gonna get wet, fucking Japs...

    Clearly for small spills only.

    Do YOU have an explanation for this one?  No noodle dribble?

    Oh-So-Glam in her Brolly hat.
    Instant Ken Dodd hair-on-a-hat
    Like we don't have enough shite to hang around our necks...
    Wine Glass Carrier...actually this one is quite useful for those drunken parties.

    Have you come across any kewl inventions on your trips across the interwebs?  Share with me...
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