Today at the Doctor's Rooms

    Megan's been complaining of abdominal pain and tummy cramps on and off for a week now.  Today I finally took the day off and took her to the doctor to have it checked out as I was tired of her whining about it. I thought she was just playin' it up in order to avoid going to school and getting a wee bit more attention.  (Like average 7 years olds will do)

    R300 later...the Doctor said her diet is poor (surprise! surprise!) I could've told you that... The damn child eats like a bird!  She lives on crap and doesn't drink enough fluids.  Doc has put her on antibiotics to cover any intenstinal infections she may have and I have to monitor her from here on.  If she doesn't get better we need to take her for xrays.

    So bottom line, a change in diet for her and I'm glad she heard it from the doctor and not just her mum.  I get the usual rolling eyes as if to say (what do you know, mum).  Lets hope this pushes her to eat more fruits, veggies and avoid too much white bread and junk!

    We fooled around with my phone camera while in the waiting room. We had some side-ways glances from other patients because we were snapped pictures of each other and giggling uncontrollably.  We spent some good quality time together today.

    Some of the shots.

    Does she look sick to you?

    No lollipop for her this time...
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