Happy Mother's Day and on Being a Momma Bear

    I am a Mummy.

    And being a Mum is NOT for fucking sissies. 

    You have to seriously multi-task and play many roles on a daily basis.  We are doctors, we are therapists, we are negotiators, we are judges, we play, we shout, we sing, we plead, we bribe, we discipline - but most of us wouldn't change it for the world!

    What a blessing it is being a mum. 

    And I got to do it TWICE - how lucky am I? 

    The love you feel immediately is Indescribable - you simply cannot put that kind of instant love into words.  Momma Bears will fight to the death for their Baby Bears.  Momma Homosapiens will do the same.  Mums feel the same wherever you go and whatever species you are.  We share a bond - we will do pretty much anything for our offspring.  But beware, don't piss us off or show weakness or we WILL fucking eat you.

    However, some days I will tell you that I will sell my Aspies Girl-Child for beer money but everyone knows I'm only 87.9% serious.  They roll their eyes and shake their heads and think I'm speaking in jest.... 

    Yeah, its not easy being a mum, you don't get a manual, you don't get training, you don't get a personal educator to show you the ropes. 

    You may get a tattered self-help book written in the Sixties passed down from the other mummy-people in your family but it never makes much sense and you certainly don't use it for reference in crisis situations.  It gets tossed on the bookshelf to collect another decade of dust until you can pass it onto another mummy-to-be in your family.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma Bears out there.

    Enjoy your day off - yeah right?  Momma Bears NEVER get the day off...

    My Momma Bear taught me everything I know - especially how to be silly
    (these are not my mum's real teeth and she would be horrified that I posted this picutre of her!)

    I love you Mum!

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