2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup Count Down

    27 Days to go before the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup kicks off in South Africa

    Not that I'm an avid soccer fan, and not that I'll be going to any of the matches either, but I do watch my 7 year old Megan play Under 7's at AFC with great enthusiasum.  I normally come back from her matches horse and completely pumped up. 

    Everywhere you go at the moment in South African people are participating in Football Fridays at work - where instead of our usual casual clothes on a Friday, we adorn our Soccer Civies and wear our South Africa colours.  People get very creative with their outfits...

    At least 5 out of 10 ten cars on the road at the moment are decorated with South African flags attached to their arials, Makarabas on the back boards, car mirror flag covers in the SA colours and plenty other patriotic paraphernalia.

    Our official 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup mascot, Zakumi, is splattered everywhere too, from stuffed dolls, to key rings, hats, pens, you name it! 

    Soccer Fever is causing quite a hype amongst South Africans at the moment with less than a month to go and people are competing against one another to have as many adornments as possible. 

    I think its brilliant!  It nice to "stand together" and be one nation supporting our team.  Most of us know our team won't get very far but we're supporting them nevertheless.  Go Bafana Banfana!

    Hey, for me, its any excuse to blow my Vuvuzela to piss off the neighbours and spook the cat, dress up like an eejit and oogle the visiting Football Eye Candy Players.   Yum Yum!

    I heart Soccer Hotties!

    Here's Shakira and Freshly Ground singing the official 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup song:

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