What's The Pointe?

    When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina but my mum couldn't afford dance lessons. I had a neighbour who went twice a week and I was so envious.  I'd rush over to her house after she got back from her ballet lessons and she'd teach me what they did in dance class that day.  I'd squeeze my feet into her tiny ballet pumps (she was almost two years younger than I was) - it was very sad. 

    It takes many dedicated years to train as ballerina.  They are graceful and athletic in all their pink-tutued awesomeness.  I am always in awe of them. 

    I'm like a wee lassie again when I go to see the ballet live.  When those heavy red velvet curtains open and the dancers appear from the wings my eyes twinkle and I get all excited.  It blows me away and I just love being so close that I can hear the tap-tap-tap of their pointe slippers on the wooden stage.

    Whats the pointe?
    The point is the Cape Town City Ballet is in trouble. They need funding otherwise they will have to close their doors.  Thats sad.  Even sadder than my childhood dream.  We need more culture in our lifes and everyone loves to dance right? 
    Give these dancers a chance...what will happen if our wee lassies don't get a chance to wear a tutu and pretty pink ballet slippers?

    So I am doing what we Bloggers do best - spread the word.  I'm puting a shout out for your help.  Every wee bit counts.  If you can't contribute your cash and have a passion and soul for dance, use your blog to promote awareness about this.

    While our wee blogs are our personal space, they are also our soapbox, which we can use a platform where we can help, do good and change lives.

    Go change those lives by clicking HERE.Source URL: http://giantstepstalk.blogspot.com/2010/04/what-pointe.html
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