A Great Weekend

    Friday night a friend of mine went into labour so we were in excited spirits so my Boerewors and I stayed home with a bottle of wine, got pizza delivered and jammed Guitar Hero at full volume. It was a great stress release from a really busy week.

    On Saturday I cut my hair and went shopping and bought the cutest pair of winter boots and fell in love with a number of pairs of heels that I couldn’t buy…I just don’t NEED any more shoes!!! But they are so damn adorable; I even had to take pictures with my mobile to drool over them at home. Just in case I changed my mind…you know how it goes.

    Kaylin and R went to the doctor because they’re both getting sick. They both have URTI – nothing bad yet but it may just develop into something more serious. Antibiotics for both of them...

    Saturday night I went out solo to a colleague’s birthday party where met up with friends from Pretoria. I wiggled my botty to some brilliant classic rock toonz, drank a bunch of wine and WHOOP! Whooped! the night away until 2:30am. I got a call from my Boerewors to say “Are you coming home anytime soon?” I didn’t realise the time!

    On Sunday I had to get up early to get the girls ready to go to the Football Tournament!

    3 and a half hours sleep is just NO WHERE near enough sleep for me.

    I suffered the entire day but didn’t fail to cheer my wee Megan on when her team was playing. All the screaming and shouting from this Soccer Mum gave me a pounding headache and all I wanted to go was crash on the couch.No Such Luck!!

    My Boerewors was called out to work on Sunday afternoon and I was left to get the girls ready for bed. The girls and I were in bed by 7:30pm last night. I was totally buggered! My Boerewors unfortunately had to work through the night last night and now its his turn to be buggered…Source URL: http://giantstepstalk.blogspot.com/2010/04/great-weekend.html
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