Evening Away

    My Boerewors and I went for a well-deserved break to Thaba Ya Batswana yesterday and today - kiddie free!  Thanx to my sister-in-law for offering to look after the girls while we got some R & R with colleagues from work.

    We arrived Saturday lunchtime and booked into the Spa straight away for a full body Swedish massage.  Heaven on Earth!  I couldn't have been more relaxed when I floated out of there to check into our room.  The rooms were gorgeous with massive king size bed, luxury bathroom to die for overlooking the hills and a fully stocked mini-bar.  Beautiful!

    After freshening up, we met friends at the pool where we spent the afternoon dipping our feet in the pool (only Stuart was brave enuff to swim) and polished off a few bottles of good wine with brilliant company and conversation.  A well-oiled Gillian got swept off her feet (quite literally) by Steven and I went down hard on my ankle and Steven injured his foot.  Sharon and Stuart had a turn to wreck one of the pool loungers.  Bloody piss cats!  You can't take us anywhere!!!

    By the time the sun went to bed,  we were all starving and ready to munch.  We all went off to our rooms to freshen up again and get dressed for dinner at the Kraal Kombuis Restaurant.  The food was great, the drinks were plenty and the company was hysterical.

    Feeling a little delicate the next day, we got dressed and went up for a scrumptious buffet breakfast.  Everything you could wish for.  All I wanted was cafffine and nicotine - to get me going....

    A brilliant weekend away.

    The Rustic Rooms

    The rooms were sprinkled with rose petals

    The king size bed

    Cathy by the pool

    Taking a stroll around the pool
    (actually I was trying to get the bottle of wine back that we left floating in the pool to keep it cool)
    Our very own extra large ice bucket

    Sharon and Stuart wrecked one of the pool loungers fooling around on it.

    Kyle and Robz

    Sharon and Stuart

    Kyle with his shower cap on
    (his first time in a hotel) so he had to try everything out,
    including making a HUGE dent in the mini-bar.

    One of the outdoor lounges

    Robz having a snack


    The girls getting drunk and disorderly.

    Well-oiled and dressed for dinner

    Drunk and Disorderly at Dinner

    Sharon and Steven striking a pose at the dinner table

    One of the stunning little pathways on the walk up to the restaurant

    Stuart's birthday is on Thursday and Sharon had organised
    for cheese cake to be served to celebrate his birthday. 
    He was surprised when he was presented with his special cake and we sung him happy birthday.
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