This week I haven't been very well.  Woke up on Monday morning at about 1am and could stop throwing up.  I hate puking, especially when its projectile and comes through yer nose.  Urgh!  That bitterness never seems to go away.  Anyway on Monday I got ready to go to work, dropped the girls off at school and thought I was feeling better but the nauseausness lasted the entre day.  At one point I was sitting in a meeting and had to keep swallowing so that I wouldn't vomit over everyone.  Then I couldn't hold it any longer and just made it to the bathrooms in time.  I went home early on Monday and spent the entire afternoon in bed sleeping.  Tuesday I spent the entire day fighting nausea and laying on the couch.

    I'm back at work today but feeling very delicate.  I hope it was just a bug that I have gotten rid of now.

    It was parents day for Megan yesterday who is in Grade 1 and she got an awesome report!  She is excelling in almost everything!  They score them from 1 to 4.  One being poor and 4 being excellent.  She got all 3's and mostly 4's.  I am so proud of her - she is doing so well. My conscienscious little girl loves her arithmetic and is so good with numbers.  Her teacher is super impressed with her and I couldn't be happier!  Her dad said that for every 4 she gets, she'll get R10 and she can put them altogether with her tooth fairy money and get herself a Jay-board.  Megan is super chuffed so I guess we'll have to fit in a shopping spree this weekend for her too.

    This weekend we have a busy one: two kiddies birthday parties on Sunday for the girls to go to, one football game on Saturday and a braai on Saturday afternoon. I was hoping for a quiet one but no such luck...

    Could you ever imagine that two girls could have so much fun with an empty box?  Who needs to buy expensive toys?  An empty box keeps them amused for ages!

    My girls:
    Kaylin and Megan customize their cardboard box

    Megan pulling KK around the garden

    My Boerewors pulling Megan

    Me pulling Kaylin at high speed

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