Conrad's Farewell

    Our Distribution Manager, Conrad, left our company this week and we had a Farewell Lunch for him at a Portuguese Restaurant. 

    The food was brilliant (squid heads, muslces, calamari, peri-peri chicken, pora steaks) but the labeless table wine was EVIL.  Hell yes we drank it - at the time it was a good idea. left me with the worst hangover in creation.  This is definitely last time I drink wine in a bottle with NO LABEL!!! 

    Fucking evil, I tell ye...but we had a great time nevertheless.

    Conrad and his girls

    Gwen (one of our artists) being silly

    The Full Group

    Conrad puring the No-Name-Brand-Wine in question

    Con, Yvette and Charms

    Ronellda and Sharon

    Esther taking full advantage of me

    Con and his girls again


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