Octopus Prediction - 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup

    I shit you not!

    Octopus Paul Allen is no less than a hero in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2010. No, he is not there is South Africa but resides in an aquarium in Germany and does what soccer analysts and big time football gurus could not do: predict the outcome of a match well in advance by just sitting in his own aquarium and believe it or not the predictions are turning out to be 100% correct. The aquatic creature Paul Octopus is sixth time correct when it predicted Spain’s victory in the semi finals of FIFA World Cup 2010 here in Durban.

    Now a quick wrap up on the history of this octopus Germany. Paul was born at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth, England and is two years old. It currently resides in Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany and has a history of correctly predicting the results if major German international football matches including FIFA World Cup.

    And its fame could be seen when the sixth prediction made by it came out to be true when Spain defeated the mighty and much in form Germans by a stunning header by Spanish striker Carles Puyol that led Spain marching their way to the finals of the World Cup football.

    Octopus prediction in judging the winner in each of Germany’s six matches in the current FIFA WC 2010 came out to be true.  It has predicted Germans loss to Serbia in the group stage, and now a loss to Spain in the semis. It’s still a question mark as to how the creature does it each time. It seems to possess some mysterious capabilities in doing so. You must be wondering how he does it. Well, the Germans just place the flag of the two countries up for the match in its aquarium contained in two boxes. The Octopus Paul then after taking his time chooses the winner and conveys it to the waiting spectators by sitting on the box that contains the winner’s flag.

    But it remains to be seen whether he will predict the results of the upcoming final and match for the third place because Paul is seen to be predicting only those matches where Germans play till now. Every one is eagerly waiting to see whether its psychic powers are only limited to the matches played by the Germans or it can be explored for the other matches too.

    Lets put our bets on The Psychic Mollusk and squeeze the results out of him for the final!

    We'll make a fortune!  Then again, that spineless German may be juts fuckin' with us.  

    Then we can enjoy a nice Calamari Dinner.

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