Jonah Falcon

    I've mentioned Jonah Falcon on my blog before in my Freaky Friday Feature and I recently read an article about him in the FHM July 2010 issue.  It got me thinking ...

    See I've always said "Size Matters" because, well, to me, it does.  I guess its just personal preference but 34.29cm of male member would scare anyone! 

    Jonah has been both blessed and cursed with having The Worlds Biggest Penis

    Firstly, I think the ladies are only interested in him because they want to SEE his big willy, not that they necessary want to USE it.  I think they just want to say that they have seen it and maybe even touched it.  It's physiologically impossible for anyone to consume 34cm of rock hard manlyhood. 

    Secondly, it must be hell carrying around something that looks like you've shoehorned a loofah in yer pants.

    Poor Jonah who says that if he has not "made it" by the time he's turned 50 then he'll maybe give porn a go.  Hopefully by then he can still get that monster pointing north.

    Did you know?

    • 23 000 metres of skin can be grown for burn citims from one baby's foreskin.
    • One in 400 men are flexible enough to give themself a blow job?
    • 3-4 inches is the average size of a flaccid penis from tip to base.  When men were asked, this figure rose dramatically to seven to eight inches.  Is this a case of my fish is bigger than yours? Big talk?
    • 100 men are born every year with diphallus.  That means two willies!
    • 7200 is the average number of times a man will ejaculate in his life.  2000 of those spurts will be from spankin' the monkey.  (personally I think that self-enjoyment number should be more).
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