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  • Paradoxeon
    May 1, 03:22 PM
    Ok, I've checked the iPhoto version (version 9.0). So I decided, whatever, I'll update. However, my DOCK started to flash in and out (like when I killall Dock in Terminal) but automatically. It flashes every single second! I know it's the iLife apps because I uninstalled all of them in CleanMyMac app and did a reboot, and no dock flashing. But then, when I did a clean reinstall of my iLife '11, bam. Dock flashes. Right now I'm trying to ignore it, and am running Software Update - downloading updates right now. Here's my log in Console if it helps.

    5/1/11 4:17:47.022 PM ReportCrash: Saved crash report for Dock[2307] version 1.8 (990) to /Users/Mac/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Dock_2011-05-01-161747_My-iMac.crash
    5/1/11 4:17:47.027 PM ReportCrash: Removing excessive log: /Users/Mac/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Dock_2011-05-01-161333_My-iMac.crash
    5/1/11 4:17:47.087 PM fseventsd: read_disk_log: error processing log file /.fseventsd/000000000022f938 (total_read 0, size 42)
    5/1/11 4:17:49.686 PM mdworker: (Error) ImportPluginLoading: Couldn't load plugin '/Library/Spotlight/LogicPro.mdimporter/'
    5/1/11 4:17:54.051 PM ReportCrash: Saved crash report for Dock[2309] version 1.8 (990) to /Users/Mac/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Dock_2011-05-01-161754_My-iMac.crash
    5/1/11 4:17:54.055 PM ReportCrash: Removing excessive log: /Users/Mac/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Dock_2011-05-01-161340_My-iMac.crash
    5/1/11 4:17:54.067 PM fseventsd: read_disk_log: error processing log file /.fseventsd/000000000022f938 (total_read 0, size 42)

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  • asif786
    Aug 18, 09:35 AM
    uhh ok, it's a clip of a cold play video.

    thanks. i was asking about the page layout, not the video itself.

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  • madroc
    Jan 9, 06:30 PM
    Can anybody give me a rss feed/email/link or any other means to watch the MWSF keynote 08 spoiler-free. Something that gets me straight to quicktime stream.

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  • 100Teraflops
    Apr 11, 08:24 PM
    Ok, so lets say I go with 3rd party memory. If I have an unrelated problem with the MBP, would I need to put the original memory back in before taking it in for service?

    I'm new to the whole Mac thing. Thanks.

    I swapped out the factory ram with some stuff from OWC. I will keep my factory ram, FYI. As you state, if I have a problem, then Apple cannot give me crap for using third party ram. If the problem is ram related or I suspect a ram issue, then I have my original ram to replace the OWC stuff and conduct tests. It's a win-win situation honestly. Hope this helps.


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  • mkrishnan
    Aug 29, 01:55 PM
    Yes, I can confirm that it does what you describe in Safari and DPA2 on my computer. But... did you try putting in the type="audio/x-mp3" in the tag? I didn't see that in the source code as it is now.

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  • joshellis625
    Jun 18, 05:40 PM
    I was going to but I decided I would order one from apple.com because I was afraid I wouldn't get one.


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  • l.a.rossmann
    Jun 12, 07:28 AM
    add http://ifixit.com

    To hall of fame or hall of shame?

    They charge twice, to more than twice as much for any given part than any other place I know of. They are decent for getting compatibility information, but I would never advocate buying parts from there. I'm not saying they're bad by any means, but just not practical when you can get the same part new anyplace else for half the price.

    Any site with guides(screenintek, powerbookmedic, ifixit), has highly inflated parts costs.

    I will add a point to the hall of shame for sunvalley for the powerbook

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  • brn2ski00
    Jun 22, 09:26 PM
    As long as it's a 12" the G3s and G4s can use the same battery.

    Well, there ya go... its yours if you want it.


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  • OPTiK
    Mar 14, 07:51 AM
    did u make any "add-ons" i.e OpenSSh, SBSettings ?


    For some reason, I always get error 3601 whenever I try to restore on iTunes. I can't get it to work!

    Looks like a firewall issues, I'd turn off any firewalls you have.

    after hours of frustration, i finally got it to restore with a custom .ispw. Noe im trying to figure out the tetheredboot part. Firstly, i don't seem to find the files located in the /dfu...at least not the ones i need, i've got 48 instead of 90. When i turn the ipad on i see cydia, but it crashes upon opening, this is a result of still being not tethered, right? Basically what i'm asking i guess is for some help with the last part of this process.

    sn0wbreeze does this for you.. it loads a folder "iBooty" onto your desktop with the tetheredboot app and the necessary files, so all you have to do is open it up and run/follow directions. If cydia doesnt open then that means that the jb isnt active via the tether.

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  • obeygiant
    Feb 24, 09:31 AM
    Following a Flight Readiness Review today, NASA and Space Shuttle Program managers announced that space shuttle Discovery is ready to launch next week Thursday to finally send the STS-133 mission to the International Space Station. Launch is now scheduled for Feb. 24, at 4:50 p.m. EST. “We had a really thorough review today,” said William Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for Space Operations. “Things are looking pretty good.”

    The STS-133 crew will bring the Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM) to the station. The PMM was converted from the multi-purpose logistics module Leonardo and will provide additional storage for the station crew. Later, experiments may be conducted in the module, in fields like fluid physics, materials science, biology and biotechnology.

    The first human-like robot will also make the trip to the ISS. Robonaut 2 will become a permanent resident of the station. In addition, Discovery will bring critical spare parts and the Express Logistics Carrier 4, an external platform that holds large equipment.

    Managers, engineers and contractors went over the detailed analysis and testing performed on the “stringer” or support beams of Discovery’s external fuel tank during the session and reviewed the repairs and modifications made.

    Mike Moses, chairman of the Mission Management Team, described the fix as a “a big metal band-aid” to give the metal beams extra support.

    The processes of the repairs and testing involved people throughout the agency and its centers, and the managers at today’s press conference lauded the teams.

    “I can’t say enough about the work the teams have done,” Gerstenmaier said. “They’ve done just an outstanding job to get us to where we are now ready to launch.”

    The crew also underwent a change recently when astronaut Steve Bowen was assigned to take the place of Tim Kopra who was injured in a bicycle accident.

    “Overall the crew was in really good shape and felt really comfortable with this change,” said Moses.

    The managers at the FRR approved the February 24 launch date even thought the European resupply ship – the ATV Johannes Kepler — is scheduled to dock at the space station just six hours before Discovery’s launch. Moses said they are confident the ATV will dock, but will be ready to modify the shuttle launch should there be any problems with the ATV.

    “If they run into a problem in docking we will discuss the issue in real time,” Moses said at the press conference. “We still might launch that day, we might not, depending on the situation. But the space station program would really like to have the ATV docked during this mission.”

    Discovery now sits on Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, ready for launch. The countdown will begin Monday at 3 p.m. “We’re in outstanding shape out at the pad,” said Mike Leinbach, shuttle launch director.link (http://www.universetoday.com/83419/nasa-sets-sts-133-launch-for-february-24/)

    4:50 pm est if everything goes as planned.

    2 more launches?

    Date: April 19 +
    Mission: STS-134
    Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Endeavour
    Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
    Launch Time: 7:48 p.m. EDT
    STS-134 Description: Space shuttle Endeavour will deliver the Express Logistics Carrier-3 (ELC-3) and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) to the International Space Station.

    Date: June 28 +
    Mission: STS-135
    Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Atlantis
    Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
    Launch Time: 3:48 p.m. EDT +
    Description: Space shuttle Atlantis will carry the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module to deliver supplies, logistics and spare parts to the International Space Station. Atlantis also will fly a system to investigate the potential for robotically refueling existing spacecraft and return a failed ammonia pump module.


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  • R94N
    Aug 18, 05:51 AM
    The Northern Line isn't too bad on that front. The worst line is definitely the Metropolitan, on which you sometimes find it difficult to stay in your seat it jumps around so much.

    LOL :) Must get pretty bad at rush hour then; people standing up and all that...

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  • iBoyfriend
    Apr 22, 06:40 PM
    Is there a case for the iPod touch 2nd generation where the back of the case looks like the back of an iPhone except for the camera hole part. (LOL) but like seriously is there such a thing for sale online? :confused:


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  • RawBert
    Aug 4, 07:43 PM
    No... it amounted to some spectacular Northern Lights displays. My wife showed me bunch that were captured last night and posted to the web.... I don't know where she found them.... but they were spectacular. :)

    OMG! That picture is insane. :eek:


    More (http://www.csmonitor.com/CSM-Photo-Galleries/In-Pictures/The-Northern-and-Southern-Lights).

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  • MythicFrost
    May 5, 10:55 PM
    It's going to be a 27", 1 TB Drive - that's where I'm at now. The question is the same old question, so I apologize for that in advance. But this will be my first real Mac computer, I already have iPhone and iPad.

    Considering the following uses (top ranges), how much will I actually need to upgrade from the base model? I know more is better, but is more actually needed?



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  • cfairbank
    Mar 11, 10:44 PM
    Ended up getting what I wanted, 32gb black wifi. Was around 35 to 40 in line. Once the doors opened I was in and out by 5:30. Granted I could have gone to best buy or target to get but I actually like buying at apple store. Guess it's the experience and the people.

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 13, 04:47 PM
    It's a phone so small, that it can't even be used. But it's made by Apple, so I couldn't resist buying it!Is the price suitably small too? ;)


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  • bellis1
    Nov 3, 07:29 AM
    I bought the icekey after making a switch from a powerbook 17" to G5 imac. It is a very nice keyboard to type on especially if you are used to using a powerbook. I tried the apple keyboard for about 5 minutes before it got put back into the box. Anyone want it for cheap?

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  • SmurfBoxMasta
    Dec 16, 05:46 PM
    If you do decide to part it out, I'll put dibs on the Video card, and possibly the DVD & HDD drives too :)

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  • vniow
    Sep 12, 12:16 PM
    Originally posted by awrootbeer
    Don't put too much faith in this.. weren't they predicting Dual g4 powerbooks at paris?


    Yes, but they were the ones that first came up with the Powermac pic, if I'm not mistaken. :)

    Mar 27, 11:26 PM
    Yes it makes SOME games look better. Road Rash 64 and Vigilante 8 had an option for a higher resolution when the expansion pack was detected. It took out some of the jagginess (whatever the word is for that), but the detail was the same and it cut a noticeable amount of FPS.

    eBay? Yes?

    EDIT: And Turok 2 had an option I think as well for a higher resolution

    May 5, 01:32 PM
    Besides those of you who got to be at NAMM...

    You mean NAB?

    I'm sure we'll hear more about this at WWDC the beginning of June. ;)

    Jan 20, 05:20 PM
    There was an Epson Printer update too wasn't there?

    Mar 17, 01:38 PM
    I decided to just install it on my SSD since I want to take advantage of the speed of it. This no longer seems as buggy as it did when I installed Lion a few weeks ago and got rid of it. I can now run the VNC app "iTeleport" without problem!

    Thank you for taking the time to lay out these instructions, as it is invaluable to me as I install for future partitions down the road. Cheers.

    Jan 14, 07:07 AM
    I will try to avoid Macrumors and Engadget but it will be hard. I just can't wait!

    Same! But the chances of me going to the darkside and checking before the video comes online is quite likely :p :D

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